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Cap Au Pair.pngAn Au Pair trip is often the first big trip.

Security while overseas is not a matter to be taken lightly and it is important for the young Au Pair to thoroughly understand what she/he is covered for, but more importantly, what she/he’s not covered for! Here are the answers to the most common questions about our Au Pair policy.

If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact our consultants on +33 1 74 85 50 50 or by email.

Most popular questions

How can I renew my insurance ? How do I subscribe ? Do I need to provide any supporting documents when I subscribe? What is the status of the young au pair?


How do I subscribe ?

General information

Who is Cap Au Pair suited to? What is the status of the young au pair? Au pair on a Working Holiday Visa: what’s the best insurance I am welcoming a young au pair into my home, should I look after the insurance? What should I do if I’m not satisfied with Chapka's answer?

Covers of my Au Pair Insurance contract

Covid-19 - What's covered by your policy?

Medical expenses

Medical expenses benefit: what does it cover? What are the main exclusions regarding medical expenses? Is there a waiting period? What is it covered by the pregnancy benefit? What does the psychological support consist in?

Luggage Cover

What is the luggage cover?

Au Pair specific cover

Au pair specific cover: what it is?

Overseas liability cover

Overseas liability: what does it cover? Am I cover If I ride a vehicle? Do I have a cover for the apartment I rent?

Personal accident cover

What does the personal accident cover consist in?

Assistance and repatriation

What is the money advance benefit? Search and rescue benefit: what does it cover? Do I get a refund in case of loss or theft of my identity documents? I am hospitalized overseas, can a family member come with me? What does the early return cover consist in? What does the legal assistance benefit cover? Assistance/repatriation: what does it cover?

Insurance coverage area

In which countries am I covered? If I come back temporarily to my home country, am I covered?

How can I declare an incident?


I need assistance, what do I do? A family member has passed away or been hospitalized, I wish to come back to my home country, what should I do?

Medical expenses cover

I have to go to the doctor’s, how do I get a refund? I have to go to the dentist’s, how do I get a refund?

Report a luggage claim

How do I report a luggage claim?

Personal accident

How do I report a personal accident?

Subscribe to Cap Au Pair Insurance

The subscription

Can someone subscribe the insurance for me? Can I subscribe if I am already abroad? How can I renew my insurance ?

Deadline for subscription and maximum time of coverage

Is there a minimum or maximum time of subscription? What should I do if I change my visa or my activity during my stay? What is the deadline for subscription? I don’t know how long I will stay overseas, what should I do?

Useful information about your insurance

How am I going to receive my contract? Do I need to send back signed documents? I lost the document pertaining to my insurance, what can I do? Do I need to provide any supporting documents when I subscribe? I need an insurance certificate, how quickly can I get it?

The payment

Can I pay the insurance premium in instalments? Can someone else pay the insurance for me?


How can I cancel my "au pair" Insurance? Can I get a refund of my insurance premium before departure? If I come back early, can I get a refund?

Trip around the World & long stays

Internships, Au Pair & studies abroad

Offers for Expatriates

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