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Chapka travel Insurance

This is the most important benefit of your contract. It covers hospitalization costs due to an accident or to a serious illness while being abroad (for example, appendicitis, fractures…) as well as medical visits (for example if you have a flu, food poisoning…).

The maximum coverage (all medical expenses included) is €1 500 000 with no deductible.

If you travel to a European country and you hold a European Medical Insurance Card, we will compensate for the extra costs not covered by the European Medical Insurance Card (and the insurance premium is cheaper).

If you travel to Europe but you don’t own a European Medical Insurance Card or you travel outside Europe, your contract intervenes directly and compensates you for the total amount involved.

What is covered:

Keep in mind that travel insurances cover the medical expenses due to:

  • Unpredictable and sudden illnesses. For example: a flu, a sore ear, a bronchitis, bladder infection or even a bug bite.
  • Accidents: fractures, cuts, burns…

Therefore, we cover urgent and essential medical expenses.

Emergency dental care is covered up to €600 per person and per year.

What is not covered *:

*And with our competitors either

  • Any unstable preexisting condition, already established before the subscription date
  • Pregnancy already known before the effective date of the contract and abortions (except if medically necessary)
  • Spa treatments, examinations and routine checkups, or preventive tests and treatments, contraception
  • Back pain, sciatica, herniated disc, parietal, intervertebral ligament, scrotal inguinal and umbilical white line.
  • Nervous or mental illnesses that required a less than 3 consecutive day hospitalization
  • Rehabilitation, osteopathy, chiropractic and physical therapy (unless prescribed as a consequence of a covered illness or accident)

Check all the exclusions relative to medical costs


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