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General Information :

The Chapka Direct website accessible through the web address www.chapkadirect.com is edited by the company Aon France trading under the trademark Chapka Assurances, registered office located at 31-35 rue de la Fédération 75015 PARIS.

Director of publications: Laurent BELHOUT.

Internet hosting supplied by OVH:

Chapka Assurances is an insurance brokering company, as such; Chapka Assurances provides its users with an online insurance policy subscription service as well as information on those very policies.

Chapka Assurances will supply its services to the user provided the user commits to respecting these conditions of use that Chapka Assurances is free to amend at anytime. It is therefore recommended that the user regularly refers to the latest version of the Conditions of Use available at all times on the Chapkadirect.com website.


Conditions of use of the Chapkadirect.com website


The website and its content are legally protected under author’s and artistic copyright as well as patent rights.

Internet users are forbidden to copy or reproduce all or any part of the website content, except for personal use and unless specific authorisation has been given.

All rights reserved.

Validity of the information

The information provided on this website is general and for informative purposes only and should not be used without prior verification from the internet user.

Chapka Assurances cannot be held responsible for the direct or indirect consequences resulting from the use, consultation and interpretation of the supplied information, nor for the modification of the administrative and legal provisions arising after publication.

Chapka Assurances can modify the content of the sale offers without prior notice.

Link between the websites

Chapka Assurances puts forward links to external websites. Chapka Assurances cannot in any way be held responsible for their content.

Any link from an external website to the Chapkdirect.com website must have received prior approval from Chapka Assurances.

Area of application:

The finalisation of an order through the Chapkadirect.com website generates a valid contract between the customer and the insurance company whose general and specific terms and conditions apply.

Despite Chapkadirect.com being accessible from all over the world, the policies and services offered on the website are not open to everyone. Some restrictions apply to each insurance policy. Those are listed at the time of subscription as well as in the policy’s general terms and conditions available at all time on the website.

The provisions pertaining to each offer appear in the products and services description included on the website. With each subscription, you must validate that you have read, understood and accepted all the policy’s general conditions (definitions, benefit amounts and caps, exclusions, procedures in case of an accident).

Only people over 18 years of age can subscribe to a policy on Chapkadirect.com.


Protection of personal information:

We are keen to protect personal data. Our commitment is reflected in the emphasis we place on the trust placed in us by our clients, business partners and all those who share personal data with us.

Go to our Data Management Policy page.


Use of Cookies:

At Chapka, we like transparency, although this has nothing to do with the GDPR! We have always monitored the use and confidentiality of your data.


We will never ask you to provide us with information we don’t need. For example, when you request a quote online, you will not be required to provide us with your postal address (we don’t need it to calculate your premium) or telephone number (we don’t need to call you, a quote will be sent to you automatically). Not only do we like transparency, but we also like to make it easy for you to use our website. We have never been fans of mass advertising, which we find intrusive, so we use cookies as little as possible. Here’s how these little creatures are actually used:


Classic Cookies :

They help us offer you the best browsing experience possible, whether you are alone, or thousands of users on our website. 


The statistics:

Like every business, we need to know how many people enter our store, how many buy something and how long it takes them to do so.

Except that we can’t see you! We have opted for a statistical solution that respects your privacy in the same way as the free solutions used by most. Your browsing data will therefore never be circulated for marketing purposes, either by us or on a third-party website. And rest assured that users remain anonymous, as we can’t see anything other than numbers. So feel free to browse our website in your onesie if you want to! 


If you don’t like cookies, you can disable them below:

Social media Cookies:

These cookies are likely to be stored on your device by the social media sites referred to on our website. They are used to share the content of our services. These cookies are able to trace your browsing history and determine your profile and main areas of interest. This can affect the content and messages of other websites you visit. 


We are unable to control these cookies or the data collected. If you reject social media cookies, you will not be able to use or browse these websites. For more information on these cookies, check the privacy policy of each social media site (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.). 




Despite all of this, if you are intolerant to cookies, or you change your mind and you no longer wish to be part of our statistics, you can disactivate them here :




Click here to modify your preferences 

Online subscription security:

Our server is secure. The company OGONE/INGENICO provides the reliability of transactions completed on our website. Its software encrypts all your personal data necessary to register your payment. During the one off  information transfer via the Internet, it cannot be read by a third party.

If you prefer, you can always pay your policy by money transfer.


Cancellation or amendment to the insurance policy

In case of cancellation or amendment prior to the effective date: any cancellation or amendment to a policy (name, date, destination, option, cover date, etc.) will incur fees. Depending on your contract, these management fees can be invoiced up to 15€ or 30€.

In case of cancellation or amendment after the effective date: the premium paid is kept in full. No refund can be offered.


ACPR – Regulating institution

Like all insurance brokers, Chapka Assurances acts under the Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution (ACPR) as a regulating institution.

ACPR is an organisation that comes under Banque de France.

ACPR can be contacted at the following address:

ACPR - 4 Place de Budapest - CS 92459 - 75436 Paris Cedex 09

Tel : +33 1 49 95 40 00