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Chapka travel Insurance

Cap Group

Your insurance for group travels: 10 people or more!

From 6 € per pax

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This contract was tailor-made by Chapka, in partnership with  Inter Partner Assistance

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Benefits of Cap Group

Cancellation for “all causes”

  • Cancellation for “all causes” up to
    6 000€

    In the case of a sudden and justified event (excluding medical relapses, default of the trip organizer…), you will be covered up to 6 000 € per person and 50 000 € per event.

Assistance Insurance Package

  • Repatriation-assistance 24/7

    Your repatriation is covered at 100% of the real costs. If the Doctors decide that you must return home for the continuation of a treatment, your repatriation is fully taken care of and paid for!

  • Medical expenses and hospitalization abroad

    Your medical expenses are covered from 75,000 to 150,000 €, depending on the geographical zone of your trip. Beware: Your medical expenses are covered for sudden and unforeseen illnesses and accidents.

  • Presence in the event of hospitalization

    If you are hospitalized in your destination location, we organize and cover a round trip for a family member and their hotel costs.

  • Luggage Insurance up to 1 000€

    Your luggage is protected against theft and damages during your trip and transportation, up to 1 000 €.

  • Early termination of the journey up to
    3 000€

    In case of a medical repatriation, or an early return, you will be covered up to 3 000 € maximum.

  • Overseas civil liability up to
    4 500 000€

    You are covered in the event of physical injury, property and immaterial damages, up to 4 500 000 €.

  • Individual Accident up to 4 500€

    In the event of a serious accident causing disability or death, you are covered up to 4 500 €.

  • Advance of bail bond

    If a bail bond is necessary, we advance such bail up to 15 000 €.

Multirisk Package (cancellation + assistance insurance)

  • This package includes all benefits stated above

Benefits Extensions (supplement)

  • Cancellation for attacks or ban

    Schools, linguistic trips or associations: for attacks occurred within 30 days before the trip and near your destination (less than 100 km).

    Important: this benefit extension is only available in addition to the Cancellation or Multirisk packages.

  • Cancellation in case of travel bans

    For schools and linguistic trips: in the event of a travel ban enforced by an official authority.

  • Impossible Departure / Return (only as a supplement to the Multirisk package)

    In the event that your departure to your destination is impossible, you are covered up to 20% of the amount of your trip. If your return is impossible, we cover up to 80€ per night, 4 nights maximum.

Table of benefits
Terms and conditions

Our rates

Our rates per package

Insurance Package
 Premium Rate
Minimum price per person

Cancellation package

1,90 % 6 €
Assistance Insurance Package 1,95 %
6 €
Multirisk Package (cancellation + assistance insurance) 3,00 %
6 €

Benefits extensions available

Extensions available
Supplement (% or €/person)
Minimum supplement per person

Cancellation for attacks or ban

0,80 % 3 €
Impossible Departure / Return 8 € -

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