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Chapka travel Insurance

Cap Group insurance policy cancellation cover allows each participant in the trip to be reimbursed for the penalties retained by the travel agency in the event that they are unable to leave due to a sudden, unforeseeable, justified event beyond their control. Maximum reimbursement amount: €6,000 maximum per insured person.


 You are insured for cancellation in the following cases:


-      Death, serious hospitalisation, illness of the insured, a member of his/her family or his/her professional replacement

-         Loss of employment of the insured

-         Refusal of paid leave (when the leave was initially accepted by the employer)

-         Theft of the insured’s identity papers the day before departure

-         Destruction of the insured’s home or business premises

-         Blocking of a TGV preventing timely access to the airport

-         Obtaining a job while registered with the Job Centre

-         A car accident on the eve of departure, which rendered the car unusable for travel to the airport.


However, the policy does not cover cancellations in the following cases:


-         The tour operator or carrier cancels the trip.

-         The insured person no longer wishes to participate in the group trip.

-         Civil wars and popular movements in the country of destination.

-         Airline strikes

-         Cancellation of the event for which the group trip was decided.

-         Travel bans issued by governmental or prefectural authorities (except for school trips and language stays -> see below)


To cover these risks, i.e. the total cancellation of the stay, the tour operator can take out another insurance policy, called “event cancellation insurance”.


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