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Chapka travel Insurance

At Chapka, we like transparency, although this has nothing to do with the GDPR! We have always monitored the use and confidentiality of your data.

We will never ask you to provide us with information we don’t need. For example, when you request a quote online, you will not be required to provide us with your postal address (we don’t need it to calculate your premium) or telephone number (we don’t need to call you, a quote will be sent to you automatically).

Not only do we like transparency, but we also like to make it easy for you to use our website. We have never been fans of mass advertising, which we find intrusive, so we use cookies as little as possible. Here’s how these little creatures are actually used:


The technique:

Based on its pet name 90planBAK, 90planD is a cookie that enables our website host, OVH, to evenly distribute demand on our website. In short, it ensures that our website works in the same way regardless of whether it is being used by one or several thousand people. 


The statistics:

Like every business, we need to know how many people enter our store, how many buy something and how long it takes them to do so. Except that we can’t see you! We have opted for a statistical solution that respects your privacy in the same way as the free solutions used by most. Your browsing data will therefore never be circulated for marketing purposes, either by us or on a third-party website. And rest assured that users remain anonymous, as we can’t see anything other than numbers. So feel free to browse our website in your onesie if you want to! 


If you don’t like cookies, you can disable them below:


Affiliate cookies:

These are used to identify partners that recommend you to visit our website, so that they receive commission. This will obviously not cost you anything and will not affect your premium!


Persistent cookies:

These cookies are used to simplify matters as they enable you to retrieve a quote so that you can purchase a policy without having to re-enter your details! 


Disclaimer cookies:

These cookies memorise the fact that you have clicked on the cookie disclaimer banner. When you re-visit our website, the banner will not be displayed, ensuring that users have a smoother browsing experience. 


Session cookies:

These cookies are temporarily stored on your computer or device during a browsing session and are deleted at the end of the session. 

A session cookie is temporarily created when you leave the Chapka website to make a payment on the secure page of our partners. 


Social media cookies:

These cookies are likely to be stored on your device by the social media sites referred to on our website. They are used to share the content of our services. These cookies are able to trace your browsing history and determine your profile and main areas of interest. This can affect the content and messages of other websites you visit. 

We are unable to control these cookies or the data collected. If you reject social media cookies, you will not be able to use or browse these websites. For more information on these cookies, check the privacy policy of each social media site (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.).