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Chapka travel Insurance

We have been specialist travel insurance brokers since 2002, creating insurance solutions that meet the requirements of both tourism professionals and individuals.

Chapka was born from our desire to make insurance widely accessible by ensuring that policies are easy to understand, simplifying the subscription process and facilitating the pay-out process. Travellers can therefore purchase their travel insurance exclusively online, in just a few clicks, at www.chapkadirect.com.

Our recipe for success: transparency, responsiveness, simplicity and a dash of fearlessness!

Insurance for every trip

We provide insurance for all travellers: holiday makers, people undertaking a long trip or world tour, volunteers, students, trainees and people travelling abroad to work as an au pair. We specialise in working holiday visas for short relocations abroad. We also provide insurance for foreigners in France.

For more information on our policies, feel free to contact our advisers by e-mail at info@chapka.com or by calling us on +33 1 74 85 50 50

Why choose Chapka?

Who is Aon France?

Chapka Assurances is a member of the Aon France group, the French subsidiary of Aon, the world’s leading provider of enterprise risk management and welfare services. Their business? Insurance brokerage, management consultancy and HR consultancy services.

Aon France offers individual health insurance, which can be practical if you leave your employer, are dismissed or are starting a new career.

Need home insurance? Aon offers tailored insurance solutions to owners and tenants of houses and flats, including products to cover the risks of fire, natural disasters, water damage, theft, vandalism, etc.

Need to insure your vehicle? Aon also offers car insurance solutions.

Our insurance partners:

Chapka Assurances exclusively creates and sells unique policies that are negotiated with renowned partners such as Europ Assistance, AXA Assistance, AIG, Ace Europe, Allianz and Hiscox, among others.

Why the name Chapka?

It’s short, it’s original, it’s easy on the ears and it’s a name that you won’t forget!

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