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Chapka travel Insurance

This policy is suited to young au pairs, host families who welcome an au pair as well as placement agencies:

The young au pairs (the insured): the young au pair can be a foreigner living in the European Union in a host family or a European citizen going to stay with a family in the United States for example. Our policy covers both scenarios: foreigners in the European Union or European people overseas. The young au pair will benefit from a real health insurance in case of an accident or sudden illness. It is a very important matter as the young person goes overseas for a rather long period of time and no longer receives social security benefits in his/her country of origin. The risk is therefore that the young person falls ill, has an accident and has to deal with very high hospitalisation and repatriation expenses (eg. $60,000 for 4 days in hospital in the USA).

Host families: a host family in Europe (the employer) will want to ensure that the young au pair is properly covered in case of illness or accident, even if the social security cover remains compulsory. Indeed, in case of a serious accident, who will pay for the repatriation to the country of origin?

Au pair placement agencies: It is the agencies’ responsibility to make the young au pair and the host family aware of the risks related to medical expenses, repatriation and civil liability while overseas. They have access to specific insurance policies that cater for those risks and which they will offer you. A number of them will offer our Cap Au Pair policy.


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