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Chapka travel Insurance

Reimbursement of fees for the host family

You subscribe the insurance for the au pair, and she/he cannot carry out her stay due to a serious illness or accident, the Insurer will reimburse the fees paid to an employment agency (400 euros max). The cover does not apply if the agency is able to offer another person with the equivalent qualifications.


Reimbursement of tuition for any interruption of stay of the au pair

If you (Au Pair) have to interrupt your stay due to a medical repatriation or an early return, the Insurer will reimburse the tuition on a prorate basis (500 euros max). A tuition bill should be provided.


Hotel expenses in case of transfer of the insured to another host family

If you, the au pair, have to change/move to a different family, the insurer reimburses accommodation expenses within 7 days and upon presentation of original invoices.


This answer only relates to: Cap Au Pair.