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How do I report a luggage claim with the Cap Au Pair?

You have to report a loss or damage claim to the airline company and keep the receipt.

In case of theft with breaking and entering, you must file a complaint to the authorities.

Then, send us the following documents:

  • Loss or damage complaint established by the airline company
  • In case of theft with breaking and entering, the complaint receipt to the authorities
  • Invoices of the lost or damaged belongings
  • Boarding pass
  • A copy of the plane ticket

These documents have to be sent within 5 days (2 days in case of theft) by email to the AIG's management center

You have also to send the original documents by post to:

AIG / Service Indemnisation 

2AU Tour CB21 

16 Place de l’Iris 

92040 Paris la défense Cedex

This answer only relates to : Cap Au Pair.
If you have any questions about a different contract : Contact us .

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