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Chapka travel Insurance

The luggage cover provides reimbursement up to 3 000 euros for the following incidents:

    • Theft with break-in of the baggage, duly observed and written up by an authority
    • Theft of your baggage from a non-convertible vehicle duly closed and locked
    • Loss, theft or damage in whole or partial of the insured’s baggage during their delivery by a shipping company or during transfers organized by a tour operator
    • The complete or partial damage to baggage resulting from theft, explosion, natural disaster

You must file a complaint to the local authorities

Luggage benefit does not cover everything:

  • Example 1: I forgot my purse on the train, it is not covered.
  • Example 2: I drop my phone and it breaks, it is not covered.

Keep in mind that your luggage must always be under your watch.

The following things are never covered: identity documents, credit cards, magnetic cards, tickets and vouchers, cash, professional material, musical instruments, art objects, sunglasses, contact lenses, prostheses and appliances of every kind.


This answer only relates to: Cap Academy, Cap Au Pair, Cap Working Holiday France.