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F.A.Q – Cap Tempo Expat

When you decide to become an expatriate, it is essential to think about heath insurance whilst overseas. It is especially necessary to understand what you’re covered for, but more importantly, what you’re not covered for!

Here are the answers to the frequently asked questions about our expatriate insurance, the Cap Tempo Expat.

If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact our consultants on +33 1 74 85 50 50 or by email.


Most popular questions

Covid-19 - What's covered by your policy? If I come back early, can I get a refund? How can I get a travel insurance certificate? Whas does emergency dental coverage cover? What should I do if I am hospitalised?

General information

Who is the policy intended for? Why subscribe to Cap Tempo Expat ? Why is Cap Tempo Expat cheaper than an expatriate insurance? Does you credit card insurance cover you ? What is not covered by my policy? What should I do if I’m not satisfied with Chapka's answer?


Covid-19 - What's covered by your policy?

Medical expenses

What does the medical expenses benefit cover? Whas does emergency dental coverage cover? What are the exclusions in medical expenses? Which sports are covered? What is psychological assistance? Is there a waiting period? What does the optical expenses benefit cover?

Daily allowance

What is the financial allowance benefit?

Repatriation assistance

What does the repatriation benefit cover? What is the early return benefit ? I am hospitalised overseas, can a relative come to my bedside? Will my fellow travellers be covered for their return home?

Luggage benefits

What does the luggage benefit cover? How is calculated the dilapidation? What is baggage delay insurance?

Civil liability

What does the Private Life Liability benefit cover? Am I covered when I drive a vehicle? Am I covered as a tenant when I rent an apartment?

How to report an accident

Medical expenses

What should I do if I am hospitalised? I must see a doctor, how can I get my refund? I must see a dentist, how can I get my refund? I lost the medical questionnaire, where can I find it?

Repatriation assistance

I need assistance, what do I do? What is the money advance benefit? A close relative is deceased or hospitalised, I wish to return, what should I do?


How to report a problem with your luggage? What should I do if my baggage is stolen during my trip?

Individual Accident

How to report a personal accident ?

Coverage Area

If I come back to my home country temporarily, am I covered by the policy? Am I covered in other countries? What are the conditions?

Social security and CFE expatriate insurance

What do I need to do to reregister for social security cover when I return to France? What is the CFE? What are the advantages and disadvantages of expatriate insurance? How will I be reimbursed by the social security system whilst abroad?


How to subscribe

How do I subscribe ? Can someone else take out a policy for me? How do I renew my contract? Can I subscribe from overseas? Can I insure my spouse or family on the same policy?

Subscription deadline and length of policy

I don’t know how long I will stay overseas, what should I do? How can I change my policy cover dates? What is the subscription deadline? Can I renew my contract?

Administrative procedures

How can I get a travel insurance certificate? How can I change my policy cover dates? Do I need to send back signed documents? Do I need to provide any supporting documents when I subscribe? I lost the document pertaining to my insurance, what can I do?


Can someone else pay for me? Can I pay the insurance premium in instalments?


If I come back early, can I get a refund? Can I receive a refund of my policy premium before I leave?


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