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Chapka travel Insurance


Let us be clear, the Cap tempo Expat is not an expatriation health plan.

Cap Tempo Expat covers the emergency medical related fees.

An expatriate health plan is similar to a comprehensive health insurance plan. It provides coverage that you don’t necessarily need. For example, coverage for previous illnesses, optical costs for your children or yourself (on those issues, even expatriate health contracts are very limited for all optical and dental costs), routine visits, checkups, compulsory vaccinations.

Cap Tempo Expat reimburses your medical expenses related to a sudden and unpredictable illness or accident for the duration of your stay, whether in a private or professional setting. Virtually all activities are covered, including manual activities or handy works. However, some are riskier than others. Thus, the medical expenses covered are unlimited and with no deductible. Indeed, it is not uncommon to have to pay massive hospital bills or even no access to medical care.

Cap Tempo Expat has a limited lifespan

The other difference, which is a major one, is that an expatriate insurance policy covers you over time. Cap Tempo Expat is limited to a maximum of 12 months and is non-renewable. This contract is therefore dedicated to your first year of expatriation.

Cap Tempo Expat is more a travel insurance than a health plan. If you are hospitalized abroad then we might repatriate you to your country of origin as soon as you are able to travel. If you do not wish to return then we will no longer pay the costs related to your illness or accident over time (for example: long-term treatment, rehabilitation).

It is therefore a low-cost, fixed-term and temporary insurance, without tacit renewal. It is therefore less engaging for you and allows you to try the adventure of business abroad. You can start your activity stress free without ruining your peace of mind.


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