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Chapka travel Insurance

Beware, danger!

The credit card insurance (even Gold cards) covers you for a maximum of 90 days and offers very limited benefits.Example: A €75 excess applies to the refund of medical expenses, which are only covered as a complement to your social security benefits.


Firstly, you need to send your invoices to the social security department and then claim your refund from the credit card’s insurance company. You will not get a refund from the first Euro, and needless to say that the refund process is long and fastidious, especially if you do not have a permanent address overseas.

There are also many exclusions when it comes to practicing sport, and search and rescue expenses are excluded, not to mention the luggage insurance which only covers you during transport.


When it comes to travel insurance, trust a specialist and not your banker. We have been experts in this area for 15 years.


This answer only relates to: Cap Adventure, Cap Student, Cap Working Holiday, Cap Tempo Expat, Cap Volunteering.