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Chapka travel Insurance


There is no waiting period if you subscribe to Cap Tempo Expat from your home country, before your departure and before the start of your expatriation.

Beware, if you would like to subscribe to Cap Tempo Expat from your country of expatriation (following studies, an internship or a working holiday in the same host country), there are two scenarios to consider:

  • You may subscribe to Cap Tempo Expat following a Chapka Assurances contract and without interruption between the coverage dates (the new contract must follow the end date of the previous one). For example: If your first contract ends on March 20th, your next contract must begin on March 21st). Here, there will be no waiting period.
  • You may subscribe to Cap Tempo Expat following a Chapka Insurances contract but with an interruption between the two contracts: a 12 days waiting period will apply for all benefits (except in the event of a physical accident noted by a competent authority). Please be aware that any pathology occurring during this interruption period and the resulting costs will be considered pre-existing and therefore will be excluded.

For your medical expenses 

If you are ill and see a doctor, you will not be covered for the first 12 days. 

However, if you have a personal accident, no waiting period applies and your medical expenses will be covered.

Attention: A waiting period of 180 days is always applied for the payment of pregnancy expenses.

For any other situation, please contact us.


This answer only relates to: Cap Tempo Expat.