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Chapka travel Insurance


This is the most important benefit of your insurance contract. It covers accidents, serious illnesses, sudden and unforeseen events.

As a reminder, a travel insurance only covers the costs of accidents and medical emergency treatments that occur during your trip. Therefore, it does not cover previous medical conditions.

The benefit for medical expenses and hospitalization is unlimited and there is no deductible

We pay from the 1st Euro without having to go to social security or through your Government Health Insurance Plan (GHIP). You are fully paid!  Period!

What is covered:

Keep in mind that, travel insurance policies cover the following medical expenses which occur during your trip such as:

  • All expenses related to sudden and unforeseeable illnesses. Examples: flu, ear infection, bronchitis, urinary tract infection, constipation …
  • Expenses related to accidents. Examples: broken bones ,bodily injuries, cuts, burns

Emergency dental treatment such as cavities, toothache, tooth abscess are covered by the "emergency dental expenses" benefit up to €500 for the duration of the insurance.

What is not covered:

  • pre-existing medical conditions for which the diagnosis had been determined before your departure and had not been consolidated.
  • Preventive or comfort care. Examples: check-up, vaccination, tooth polishing, HIV test, VI test (vaginal infection test)
  • Birth control or abortion related fees
  • Glasses or contact lenses (except in case of  bodily injuries)
  • Orthodontics and Gingivitis
  • Back pain (Lower back pain, sciatic nerve pain, hernia, discs, parietal, intervertebral)
  • Alternative medical techniques (e.g. : ostheopathy, acupuncture,…)
  • Skin care (e.g. : Acne, Psoriasis, Wart, Cosmetic Surgery)
  • Medical consultation without a pathology
  • Non-emergency treatment (that could wait until you return to your home country)
  • Costs of all types of prothesis
  • Allergies
  • STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)

There are other exclusions related to the medical expenses and general exclusions such as your participation as a professional athlete in a sporting event, or the use of illegal drugs. 

For more details, you take a look at our Terms and Conditions

NB : You can rest assured that our competitors have the same exclusions as well.

This answer only relates to: Cap Tempo Expat, Cap Volunteering.