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Chapka travel Insurance


If a member of your family has been hospitalised (for more than 72 hours) or has passed away and you wish to go back to your country of origin to be at their bedside or to attend the funeral, you MUST contact the assistance centre beforehand. 

They will handle the booking of your return tickets.

The assistance center can be reached 24/7 at the following number: + 16.

Please make sure to give them the following information:

    • your policy and membership number
    • the region and/or town where you are located
    • the telephone number where the Assistance team can reach you
    • the nature of the assistance you need 


Attention: only services organized in agreement with the assistance centre can be covered by the insurance company.

Please note that only one early return can be made per insured and per 12-month period.

Are considered as close relatives:

    • your spouse
    • your direct ascendants or descendants
    • your brother or sister
    • your father-in-law or mother-in-law


In any case you will have to provide the Assistance any documents proving your family relationship.


This answer only relates to: Cap Tempo Expat.