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Chapka travel Insurance


We cover emergency dental expenses only.

This means that we only reimburse what is urgent and necessary to calm the pain and stop an infection.

We therefore cover you for an abscess, a tooth ache, for: tooth devitalization, tooth extraction or filling (following a filling that jumps for example). However, we will not take care of the new porcelain tooth that you have decided to replace, nor the fitting, the restoration or the replacement of a prosthesis.

Attention: We do not cover gingivitis, nor the care you undertake during your trip on your already decayed teeth. You must therefore take care of your teeth before going on a trip because we do not cover pre-existing problems.

The maximum limit for emergency dental expenses is €500 per person per year. If the expenses are due to an accident,  the maximum limit will be €440 per tooth with a maximum of €1,300 per claim.


This answer only relates to: Cap Student, Cap Working Holiday, Cap Tempo Expat, Cap Volunteering.