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F.A.Q - Cap Working holiday France

You need advice and information about your insurance for your Woking Holiday Visa for France? Dont'worry, we love simple words and clear examples!

We have created a complete FAQ section to help you understand what your Cap Working holiday France covers, but also, and especially, what it does not cover.

We have therefore banned the insurance jargon and the waffle to give clear and simple answers to all your questions!

But please pay attention: we are responsible for what we say but not for what you understand!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our consultants  +44 20 3808 7722 or by email.


General information

Who is the Cap Working Holiday France for? Why subscribe to Cap Working Holiday France? What should I do if I’m not satisfied with Chapka's answer?

Cover provided by Cap Working Holiday France

Medical expenses

What is covered by the medical expenses benefit? What are the exclusions regarding medical expenses? Which sports are covered? What is covered by the Cap Working Holiday France pregnancy expenses benefit? What is covered by the emergency dental cover?

Luggage cover

What is luggage cover?

Civil liability

What is covered by the liability benefit? Am I covered for driving a vehicle?

Financial compensation

What is financial compensation?

Personal accident

What does it cover the personal accident?

Repatriation assistance

I am hospitalised in France, can a member of my family come to my bedside? What is covered by the "search and rescue" benefit? What is covered by the repatriation assistance benefit? What is covered by the early return benefit?

Contract cover area

Am I covered in countries other than France? If I return to my country of origin, am I covered?

How to report a claim?

General information

Can you reimburse my claim to a foreign account?

Repatriation assistance

I need help, What should I do? A close relative has died or is hospitalised, I wish to return, what must I do?

Cover for medical expenses

I need to see a doctor, how can I get a refund? I will be hospitalised for more than 24 hours, what should I do? I lost the medical form, where can I find it? I have incurred medical expenses outside France, what do I need to do?

Making luggage claim

How to make a luggage claim?

Civil liability

How to report a civil liability claim?

Personal accident

How to report a personal accident?

Subscribe to Cap Working Holiday France


Can I subscribe to Cap Working Holiday France from France?

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