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Chapka travel Insurance


You will be reimbursed, up to a limit of € 1,000 maximum, if your luggage is:

  • Lost or damaged by the carrier
  • In the event of deterioration following a catastrophic event
  • In the event of theft committed with aggression or with burglary (breaking and entering). You must file a complaint

Luggage insurance does not cover everything, including loss of luggage or breakage of equipment. Keep in mind that your luggage should always be under your supervision.

  • Example 1: I forgot my bag in the train, this is not covered
  • Example 2: I dropped my mobile phone, this is not covered

Obviously this is not covered by our competitors either!

There are very precise exclusions and therefore we do not cover cash, glasses, keys, credit cards, passports, cosmetic and food products or mobile phones (please refer to our terms and conditions)