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Chapka travel Insurance


This is the most important benefit covered by your Cap Working Holiday France. It covers sudden and unpredictable accidents or illnesses that require immediate treatment.

Medical expenses are covered in Actual costs and are limited to €300,000 with an excess of €20 per claim.

The cover of these costs is in addition to your national insurance plan (for example the RAMQ for Canadians) or from the 1st euro.

What is covered:

Medical expenses:

Medical expenses include consultations, the medicines prescribed by the doctor, medical examinations as well as any hospitalisation under 24 hours.

Keep in mind that, in general, travel insurance contracts cover the following medical expenses incurred during the stay:

  • All expenses related to sudden and unpredictable diseases. Examples: Flu, ear infections, bronchitis, appendicitis ...
  • Costs related to accidents. Examples: Fractures, cuts, burns ...

France is the country of gastronomy, but also good wine. We cover indigestion, but not what happens to you under the influence of alcohol, be reasonable! The French "art de vivre" has its limits, and you too!

Emergency dental care:

Emergency dental care is covered with a maximum ceiling of €500 for the duration of the subscription. Emergency dental care includes: •

  • Dressings, fillings, root canals or extraction

Scaling is not covered, this is not an emergency.

Physiotherapy following an accident:

Physiotherapy costs incurred as a result of an accident are covered up to 75% of the actual costs, up to a maximum of 10 sessions

Warning: back problems are excluded. Therefore you will not be entitled to reimbursement of physiotherapy expenses for a back problem, even if these expenses are consequential to an accident!

What is not covered *:

*Not covered by our competitors either

  • Pre-existing diseases already reported prior to your departure and not consolidated
  • Preventive care or for convenience. Examples: check-ups, vaccines, scaling, contraception ...
  • Glasses and lenses
  • Orthodontics, dental implants
  • Minor complaints: Sunburn, cold sores...
  • Back pain
  • Doctor visits without having a pathology
  • Accidents occurred when you are on a motorcycle of a cylinder volume of more than 125 cc

Please refer to the exclusions of the medical expenses in the general contract terms.