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Chapka travel Insurance


Yes, you can subscribe to the WHV insurance Cap Working Holiday France from France directly on our website and pay with a foreign bank card.

Please note however, that depending on the situation a waiting period of 12 days may be applied:

You may renew your insurance from France without any interruptions between the two contracts:



No waiting periods apply as you will be covered from the first day of your contract!


You may subscribe your contract while you're already in France:


Have you forgotten to take out insurance prior to your departure? We allow you to subscribe from abroad. On the other hand, please note: A 12-day waiting period will apply.


You renew your insurance from France and there is an interruption between the two contracts:


We send you two reminder emails before the contract expires to avoid you forgetting the renewal. Nevertheless, you may still renew your contract. Please note however that in this case, a waiting period of 12 days applies.