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Can you reimburse my claim to a foreign account?

Have you experienced a loss during your stay and would like to benefit from reimbursement to your foreign account? This is possible!

In this case, please send us your bank details with the BIC or SWIFT code. This code is essential for us to make the transfer.

What is the Bic or Swift code?

A little bit of general culture ;)

We say SWIFT code or BIC but it's really the same thing:

  • SWIFT is the name of the interbank exchange network (whereby banks exchange money in the form of electronic messages)
  • BIC is the acronym of Bank Identification Code

The BIC or SWIFT is a code that designates a bank, or an agency of a banking network.

What does this code look like?

You will usually find it on an official bank document (equivalent to our RIB), if not, contact your bank to obtain it. It may contain letters or numbers. It is made up by a maximum of 11 characters, sometimes supplemented by X until reaching 11, for example: SOGEFRPP or SOGEFRPPXXX

  • The first 4 characters refer to the bank: in this case, Société Générale
  • The following 2 characters designate the country: in this case, France
  • The next 2 characters refer to the location, the city: here PP probably means Paris
  • The last 3 characters refer to the branch, the agency ... often it is empty or XXX

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