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Chapka travel Insurance


If your luggage is lost or damaged by a transport company, you must report this immediately to the airline, who will provide you with a receipt.

In the event of burglary or assault, we invite you to file a complaint within 48 hours with the competent authorities. Then, you must send us your claim by attaching the following documents: In the event of loss or deterioration of your luggage by a transport company:

  • The booking form and the proof of your claim with the carrier,
  • The luggage claim form or the Property Irregularity Report (P.I.R.) as provided by the transport company.
  • The proof of reimbursement by the transport company and, failing that, proof that the transport company did not want to deal with the luggage claim.

In the event of burglary or assault:

Filing a complaint with the competent local authorities

In any case, you must also send to us:

  • Invoice for lost or damaged personal belongings, failing which,
  • Quotation/repair invoice
  • Photo of damaged personal effects
  • Boarding card
  • Copy of the plane ticket

You must report your claim online within two days, specifying the policy number.

Or by post to the following address:


Claims Management

31 rue de la Fédération

75015 PARIS


+33 1 74 85 50 50


This answer only relates to: Cap Working Holiday France.