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Chapka travel Insurance

You must cancel your trip as soon as you become aware of the reason why you cannot travel.

The first thing you must do is cancel the trip with your tour operator as soon as you become aware of the reason why you cannot travel.

Then, you must make a travel cancellation claim with Chapka via the following link: index.php?action=sinistre

For example, if you fall ill on January 15th and cancel your trip on January 30th, we will apply the cancellation table and fees applicable on 15 January.

So think about cancelling as soon as you become aware of the reason why you wish to cancel.


What documents will I be asked to provide if I make a claim?

As for any insurance claim, we will need two things:

    • first, we will need to check that your policy indeed covers you (in other words, we will need to know the reason for the cancellation and ensure that the reason is valid); and
    • second, we will need to determine the amount of the claim, in other words, the amount you are required to pay


You will therefore be asked to send us the following:

    • the original invoice for the trip
    • the cancellation invoice issued by the tour operator
    • the cancellation table (which you will find in the general conditions of sale) and
    • proof of the reason for the cancellation (death certificate, medical certificate, social security statement, statement refusing time off, etc.)


Please note: we may ask you to provide additional proof in order to understand and justify the reason for the cancellation.


What is a cancellation table?

If you cancel your trip, you will be liable for some or all of the cost of the services that are cancelled, known as cancellation fees.

These fees are calculated according to a table that forms part of the general conditions of sale applicable to your trip.


This answer only relates to: Cap Cancellation.