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Chapka travel Insurance

To report an accident, we invite you to make your report online through our website within 5 working days from the day you become aware of the incident with the following documents:


  • A detailed statement (including for instance: the date, cause and circumstances)
  • The I.D of the insured person who is responsible of the accident
  • The I.D and bank account details of the victim 
  • Any correspondence, written statements, summons, legal documents pertaining to the accident
  • Advise us of any legal action or enquiry undertaken against the insured in relation to the reported accident
  • In case of any material damage: the original and nominative bill of the damaged property, a picture of the damage property, the original repair bill of the damaged property with the proof of payment or the professional certificate stating the irreparable prejudice of the damaged property along with the purchase invoice of an identical good.

You will have to declare your damage report online directly through our website:



This answer only relates to: Cap Assistance 24/7.