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Chapka travel Insurance


In the event of you being hospitalized for less than 24 hours:

If you get sick, you can see the doctor of your choice, pay the invoice, and forward us the following documents through the following link : index.php?action=sinistre


    • medical questionnaire filled out by the doctor
    • invoices for the expenses incurred (doctor, pharmacy, lab test)
    • proof of your mean of transportation from your home country
    • your passport or ID
    • copy of your tourist visa 
    • your account details (only for the first refund claim)


Medical expenses refer to the medical consultation, the pharmacy recommended by the doctor, medical examinations as well as any hospitalization for less than 24h.


In the event of you being hospitalized for longer than 24 hours:

In case of a hospitalization longer than 24 hours, you (or anyone accompanying you) must call our assistance platform, available 24/7, at the following number: +

The phone number can be found in the general terms and conditions of your policy as well as on the confirmation email you received at the time of subscription.

The assistance platform will contact the hospital you will be in and you will be looked after immediately without having to pay any money upfront.

If you are unconscious when you arrive at the hospital, please contact the assistance platform as soon as you are fit to do so to inform us of your situation.


This answer only relates to: Cap Adventure.