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Chapka travel Insurance

covid-19.png Covid-19 - What is covered by your policy?


What we cover:

  • Cancellation in case of infection by Covid19 before travel,
  • Cancellation due to quarantine before travel,
  • Cancellation for denied access to transportation due to temperature control (or any other sanitary control) by local authorities or the transport company. 


What we do not cover:

  • Cancellation due to illness without a medical certificate from the treating medical practitioner.
  • Cancellation due to travel restrictions as a direct result of a declaration of a pandemic, including Covid-19, or of a known event by the World Health Organization (lockdown, closed borders/airports at the departure and destination, imposed quarantine at destination etc).
  • The refund of all or part of the trip which was totally or partially refunded byt the travel organizer or by the transport company however the type of refund (transfer, cash, advance, voucher…).


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