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Chapka travel Insurance

Two types of exclusions apply: exclusions specific to cancellation insurance and exclusions applicable to all insurance cover.


Generally, your insurance policy will never cover the following:

    • cancellation for a reason that was foreseeable or which you were aware of when you took out your policy
    • negligence on your part (for example if you fail to produce one of the documents required for your trip or are involved in drug or alcohol abuse)
    • uninsurable events (such as war, attacks and earthquakes) or
    • events involving deliberate action on your part (for example if you decide to take part in a brawl or strike)


Please be aware that the above are examples and that you must check the General Conditions of your policy.


Below are some examples of situations which the policy does not cover:

    • I no longer wish to travel and prefer to stay in Paris in the rain
    • my girlfriend has left me and I am too sad to travel alone
    • I didn’t hear my alarm clock
    • I forgot to renew my passport on time
    • I forgot to have my vaccinations
    • I purchased my trip without having asked my boss if I could take time off, and my boss has refused to allow me to do so
    • the tour operator cancels the trip (the tour operator is duty bound to reimburse you)


This answer only relates to: Cap Cancellation.