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Chapka travel Insurance

We will cover you as per the cancellation table issued by your tour operator, according to the date of occurrence of the reason for cancelling. The longer you wait before cancelling, the more money will be retained by your tour operator.

Your tour operator will keep some of the money you have paid, according to the cancellation table. We will then compensate you for the amount you are required to pay, which is not refunded by your tour operator.


Please be aware that the following are never refunded:

    • airport taxes (for plane tickets)
    • administrative fees
    • visa fees or
    • your insurance premium


In addition, an excess will apply depending on the reason for cancelling.


For example:

I break my ankle, I am admitted to hospital and I lose €1,000 of my plane ticket (€850 for the ticket + €100 of airport taxes + an administrative fee of €50)

Where justified, the amount reimbursed to me will be calculated on the following basis: €850 – 5% excess = €807.50


This answer only relates to: Cap Cancellation.