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How to make a cancelation claim?

Beforehand and prior any cancelation claim, you will have to cancel as soon as possible, your trip/staying with your travel agency, hotel, airline, etc. 

Each one of them will provide you with a cancelation bill. This document will be indispensable to proceed with your cancelation claim.

In order to declare your cancelation claim, we invite you to make your claim online, directly through our website, by giving us the following documents:

  • The purchase invoices. Which mean the transportation and/or the travel invoices, where all the detailed services (hotel, airplane, airport fees, sightseeing trip), as well as the terms and conditions in case of modification or cancelation of the plane tickets or the trip.
    NB: If you have purchased a trip, we will ask for the booking confirmation of the trip.
  • The cancelation bill (This document must show the amount of the cancelation penalties deduced by the airline or the travel agency).
  • Your bank account details
  • In the case of a cancelation due to an accident or a disease, you will have to give us: the medical certificate (that shows the pathology as well as the date of the first occurrence), your social security reimbursement document and the medical prescriptions who have been given).
  • In the case of a Hospitalization, you will have to give us: the hospitalization report and the detailed reporting of the medical care given.
  • In the case of death, you will have to give us:  The death certificate, the family record book (or any other document that will allow us to establish a family tie).


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