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Chapka travel Insurance

What is covered by the Cap Adventure dental expenses?

We only cover dental emergencies.

We only reimburse what is urgent and essential to relieve the pain and to stop infection.

We cover a toothache, an abscess, a root canal treatment, an extraction or a filling if you lose it during your trip and it hurts you for example. However, we do not cover the new porcelain tooth in replacement.

Warning: we do not cover either if you have any tooth decay before your trip and you wish to treat it during your journey. So before travelling you should treat your teeth because we do not cover any pre-existing conditions.

To make it clear, if you have any tooth decay before departure, it won’t be covered, but if the tooth decay appears during your trip and it hurts you, it will be covered.

The maximum amount of dental emergency is € 600 per person and per year.

This answer only relates to: Cap Adventure.