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I must see a doctor, how can I get my refund with the Cap Adventure?

If you get sick, you can see the doctor of your choice, pay the invoice, send us the accident report to get your refund.

If you subscribed to the CFE package, please contact CFE first to get your refund, then send us the accident report as well as the refund receipt from CFE and the medical supporting documents so the insurance company can organise the complementary refund.


Note: We improved the Cap Adventure on 01 January 2016. Depending on the date of your subscription, the address and procedures will vary


You subscribed after 01/01/2016:

Please send the scanned documents by mail or online. (Keep the originals, the insurer can request to sight them) 



By email :

Online through our online report form



You subscribed before 01/01/2016:


SERVICES Sinistres A&H

Le Colisee 8,

avenue de l’Arche

92419 Courbevoie Cedex

By email:


  • Good News: you can scan invoices and email them (keep the originals well, they can be requested in case of control by the insurer)

Please note that the medical expenses refer to the medical consultation, the pharmacy recommended by the doctor, medical examinations as well as any hospitalisation for less than 24h00.


This answer only relates to : Cap Adventure.
If you have any questions about a different contract : Contact us .

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