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Why subscribe to Cap Assistance?

Cap Assistance.pngTravel insurance allows you to travel with peace of mind, knowing you will be covered in case or illness or accident. You should know that outside Europe, you will no longer be covered by social security. This means that, should you be hospitalised or incur any kind of medical expenses, you will have to pay. You should know that in Europe, there is a reciprocity agreement between the different social security systems, but the social security refunds are usually low and there will be additional expenses.

Cap Assistance will cover those additional expenses. Furthermore, if you travel in Europe, the social security will not cover you in case of repatriation (we are talking about the medical transportation as well as the organisation of the transportation). So, if you need to be repatriated to your country of origin, you will have to pay the costs, and it can be very expensive (chartering a special plane sometimes). In this instance again, Cap Assistance will look after these expenses in real costs.

This is why we offer you the most comprehensive travel insurance on the market so you are covered for medical expenses and hospitalisation, regardless of your destination. The other benefits offered by Cap Assistance are also very important:

  • medical expenses benefit,
  • repatriation assistance,
  • luggage insurance against theft,
  • accident benefit,
  • trip cut short,
  • late arrival of the plane or your luggage,
  • missing your plane
  • and other benefits.

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