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Chapka travel Insurance

What does the Cap Adventure luggage cover consist of?

What does it cover?


You will get a refund, up to 2,000 euros if your luggage is lost or damaged by the carrier when you have entrusted them to the airline company, or, if stolen following a break or an assault. In this case, you must report the theft to the police, just like you would have done at your home country.

Beware, it is important to understand that luggage insurance does not cover everything, for example: 

  • Example 1: I forget my bag in the train, it is not covered
  • Example 2: I drop my mobile phone, it is not covered. Of course it is not covered by our competitors either!

Keep in mind that your luggage must always be under supervision and that you will only be covered for theft committed by forcible entry, robbery or outright violence.

Of course, we will give you a refund in case of theft, if your hotel room gets broken into. Please remember to report any theft to the local police with a detailed statement of the circumstances and a list of the stolen items.

We also cover your luggage if it gets damaged by the carrier after booking in. In this case, we cover as a complement to the airline, please check the procedure

Are there any exclusions?

There are some very specific exclusions and therefore we do not cover mobile phones, cash, glasses, keys, credit cards, passports, orthodontics, sport equipments (skis, bike, surf board, ...) and all kind of consumable items (cigarettes, medications, beauty products). 

Actually, these items are generally not covered in your country either (please refer to the general terms and conditions).

For jewelly, you must wear them. 

How are your valuable items covered?

An item of more than 250 euros is considered a valuable item.

Valuable items are covered up to 1000 euros.

  • For example: you travel with a laptop of 1000 euros and a camera of 500. You will get a refund of 1000 euros (instead of 1500)


This answer only relates to: Cap Adventure.