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Chapka travel Insurance

In all cases, care will be provided only in case of unexpected illness or following an accident.

In the event of you being hospitalized for less than 24 hours:

You must pay the fees upfront and then send your reimbursement request to Chapka Assurances :


Attaching the following documents:

    • The medical questionnaire - to be provided at the time insurance is taken out - filled out, stamped, dated and signed by a health professional
    • The itemized original invoices along with proof of payment
    • Medical prescriptions
    • A copy of the insured’s visa
    • A copy of the national identity card
    • The insured’s bank details
    • A police report (in the event of an accident)
    • Hospital discharge report in the event of hospitalisation, and emergency visits (specifying the reason for the insured’s visit, current treatment and any follow-up required)


In the event of you being hospitalised for longer than 24 hours:

You (or your companion) must contact as soon as possible the assistance centre with your contact number that can be reached 24/7 at the following number: +33 (0)1 59 20 06 36

The assistance centre will contact the hospital you have been admitted to and will settle direct payment without you having to make any advance payment.

If you are unconscious when you arrive at the hospital you should contact the assistance centre as soon as you are able to, to let them know about your situation.

Make sure to give them the following information:

    • your policy number which is listed in the specific conditions of your insurance contract
    • the location you are in
    • a telephone number on which the assistance centre can contact you


This answer only relates to: Cap Student, Cap Working Holiday, Cap Tempo Expat, Cap Volunteering.