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Chapka travel Insurance

The snow extension of the Cap Assistance Annuel contract has been designed to cover all types of risk, including sporting activities practised during your stays abroad or even on the ski slopes.


So if you're in the mountains, there's no need to buy the ski insurance offered at the ski pass office (such as Carré neige).

- You'll be covered for accidents on the slopes up to €10,000, including helicopter rescue,

- You'll be covered for repatriation to your home,

- You'll also be covered for third-party liability if you seriously injure another skier in a collision.

- Finally, the contract's ski insurance will reimburse you for unused accommodation, ski passes and lessons in the event of an accident and repatriation.


 That's a big saving for a family, when you consider that ski insurance costs €8 per person per day!

This answer only relates to: Cap Annual Assistance.