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Chapka travel Insurance

The first reason is undoubtedly / evidently cost-effectiveness.

If you travel several times a year, it is better to take out an annual policy rather than a different policy for each trip.


To check this, nothing could be simpler: calculate all the insurance policies subscribed during the year for your stays and you will see that the savings are significant!


The Cap Annual Assistance policy also has solid coverage that make it one of the best packages on the market:


-          Cancellation for “all justified causes”,

-          Coverage of medical expenses abroad up to €1,000,000 per insured person

-          Ski insurance in option.

-          Theft or delay of luggage delivery

-          Third party rental liability

-          Lump sum death benefit Disability

-          24-hour repatriation assistance


Because you want to go on holiday without worries: all your holidays are covered for 12 months. So you don’t have to worry about insurance when you buy a plane ticket or pay for your ski rental.

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