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Chapka travel Insurance

This policy is for all those who are travelling in a group, 10 people or more, with no limit of participants. If there are 1,000 of you, we can insure you! It is up to the trip organiser to take care of the insurance.


The organiser can be:


-         A tour operator that sends its customers on trips in France or abroad

-         A community/association that organises holidays for its members

-         A school that is planning a school trip such as one to the countryside or a snow camp.

-         A company director who sends his employees on a business trip, a team building exercise.

-         A friend who is organising a stag party or a hen party.


The person in charge of organising this trip therefore has a major responsibility. What happens in the event of an accident or incident during the stay? A simple incident such as the loss of a piece of luggage can quickly turn into a nightmare for the smooth running of the group stay. An accidental injury would also greatly compromise the trip.


Cap Group’s policy is there to solve a large number of problems arising during the group trip and to lighten the organiser’s workload.


Cap Group travel insurance is therefore aimed at tour operators who want to protect their travellers before departure (with cancellation cover), and during their stay with repatriation assistance, medical expenses, luggage insurance and much more coverage.

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