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Chapka travel Insurance

  • Multirisk Insurance: this is the most complete policy. You are covered for a cancellation of your trip (before departure), as well as your medical expenses during the trip, a medical repatriation, or in the event of a damage caused to a third-party with the personal liability abroad.

  • Cancellation Insurance: this policy secures your holiday budget for a cancellation before departure, for covered cancellation reasons (serious illness, accidents, death, obtaining employment, imposed quarantine before departure, etc.). 

  • Premium Assistance Insurance: this policy includes all benefits except for cancellation. It covers you during your trip (assistance, personal liability abroad, medical repatriation, etc.)

  • Complementary Credit Card Insurance: In the event of a claim, we intervene in supplement of your credit card insurance. You must first contact your card insurance and we can intervene in addition. If you do not have similar benefits with your credit card insurance, the Evaneos insurance intervenes directly. Important:this policy can be subscribed only if you have a multiservice credit card (and you paid your trip with it), such as Gold Mastercard, Premier Visa, Infinite, Platinum, or American Express.