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Chapka travel Insurance

You will be covered if you must cut your stay short because of the following: 

  • Medical repatriation organized by an insurance company.
  • If a family member (spouse, partner, and your or your spouse children or parents) is hospitalized more than 48h or deceased.
  • If something happens in your principal home (burglary, fire, water damage) and needs your immediate attention.
  • If at least two thirds (2/3) of the ski area are closed for at least 3 consecutive days because of a lack or excess of snow (exclusively covered in the event of a proven closure and for resorts located at more than 1,200 meters of altitude).

We will refund a proportional indemnity corresponding to the number of days left and people that had to leave your rental. 


To calculate say indemnity, the booking fees and insurance payment will be deducted, as so the reimbursement you might have perceived from the rental’s owner or the rental’s platform. 

This answer only relates to: TRANQUILOC, Cap Vacation Rental.