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Chapka travel Insurance

An insurance policy always contains exclusions.

Certain exclusions apply to all insurance cover. This means that they are never covered by your travel insurance, regardless of the cover taken out. 

Exclusions are a matter of common sense and insurers will never cover you in the following circumstances:

    • if you acted recklessly or negligently; 
    • if you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs; 
    • if your claim is the result of deliberate action on your part (suicide, deliberate offence, brawl, etc.).

For example, concerning the cancellation cover, if you no longer feel like travelling the day before departure, it will not be covered.

Other example concerning the anti-surprise cover, if the color on the walls is not the same as on the photos, it will not be covered either.

Our competitors also apply these exclusions. Other exclusions may also apply, so please check the general terms and conditions of your policy. Our exclusions always appear in a grey background so are easy to identify.

Our advisers are at your disposal to provide details of what your policy does not cover.

This answer only relates to: TRANQUILOC, Cap Vacation Rental.