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Am I already covered by my credit card?

The benefits offered by the credit cards are very limited and your trip must have been paid with the card to be eligible. As well as only being covered for a maximum period of 90 days when overseas, please be aware that the benefit capped amounts are often insufficient.

Here are some examples of the benefits covered by your credit card:

  • Overseas medical expenses: €11,000 only for standard visa cards (equivalent to one day in intensive care in New York. On day two, the bill is yours!)
  • Cancellation insurance: only gold cards include a minor cancellation insurance. The standard cards do not. Luggage insurance: your luggage is only covered when it’s in the plane, not during your stay and the maximum cover amount is very limited.
  • Type of travel: beware, you are not covered in case of an accident while at work or when practicing certain sports. 

Do not hesitate to contact one of our consultant on +33 1 74 85 50 50 in order to review your credit card insurance benefits.


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