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Chapka travel Insurance


Before or during your travel, a problem can arise anytime. In order to not feel unprotected, to be looked after by competent professionals and to not lose any money, it is strongly recommended to take out travel insurance. Here are the main benefits that you will find in the policies we offer:




Repatriation assistance:

The insurance company organises and looks after your medical repatriation to your home as well as the hospital expenses incurred overseas.



Cancellation insurance:

Several reasons can lead to the cancellation of a trip (pregnancy complications, illness…)



Luggage insurance:

The loss or theft of luggage is a common occurrence; our policies cover you in such situations



Early return:

The illness of a close relative can force you to cut your holiday short, our insurance policies will cover you should you have to come back early.



Trip cut short:

In case of repatriation, the unused prepaid services will be reimbursed (eg: hotel, sport training course, car rental…)



Legal assistance:

In case of legal problems overseas, an advance on bail will be provided as well as legal fees, up to the amount stipulated in the policy schedule.



The real question is therefore: Why not subscribe to travel insurance? Unless you are Superman or Batman, we have not found a good reason not to!