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 Covid-19 - What is covered by your policy?


What we cover:

  • The cover provides for the reimbursement to the Insured Tenant of the sums actually paid by the Insured and the cancellation or modification fees due under this contract, less transport taxes (e.g. air taxes) and Stay taxes, insurance premiums and administration fees, if the Insured Tenant cannot leave for the following reason:

    the Insured, his/her Spouse or a member of his/her Family and any person usually living with the Insured has been diagnosed positive for COVID-19 prior to the scheduled departure date of the trip.


What we do not cover:

  • We will not cover any trip cancellation due solely to epidemic or pandemic-related travel advice issued by governments, health authorities or the World Health Organization, by or for the country of destination or the country of origin.


  • We will not cover any trip cancellation resulting solely from border closures, quarantine or other government orders, notices, regulations or directives.


  • We will not cover trip cancellations if the Insured cancels the trip due to His reluctance to travel, a change of mind on His part or His fear of travel. 


  • We will not cover trip cancellations if an airline, hotel or travel service provider has offered a voucher, credit or re-booking of the trip for cancellation refund or compensation.


  • We will not cover any loss if the Insured, his or her spouse or family member and any person ordinarily living with the Insured travels against the advice of a Physician, or any claim arising from any action by the Insured against the advice of a Physician (including, but not limited to, traveling with symptoms of COVID-19).

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