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 Covid-19 - What is covered by your policy?


What is covered :

  • Cancellation due infection by Covid19 before travel,
  • Cancellation due to quarantine before travel,
  • Cancellation for denied access to transportation due to temperature control (or any other sanitary control) by authorities or the transport company,
  • Medical costs if you are infected by Covid-19 at destination and medical repatriation if recommended by the assistance.
  • Impossible return due to a lack of transport at destination because of a lockdown declared by local authorities.
  • Extension of stay on-site in case of quarantine at destination

What is not covered : 

  • Cancellation due to travel restrictions as a direct result of the World Health Organization declaring a pandemic, including Covid-19, or known event at the time of the holiday purchase,
  • Cancellation due to illness without a medical certificate from the treating medical practitioner,
  • The refund of all or part of the trip which was totally or partially refunded by the travel organizer or by the transport company however the type of refund (transfer, cash, advance, voucher…)


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