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Chapka travel Insurance

What is covered or not covered by the policy?

The policy will cover you if you have to cancel (or change) your holiday’s rental, for a reason stated in the policy or for a sudden, unforeseeable, justified reason beyond your control.  

Bear in mind that the policy does not cover situations that you were aware of when you took out your policy. 

Here are some examples: 

What is covered: 

  • My boss changes my holidays dates at the last minute, despite having approved them on first hand
  • I broke my leg one week before my departure 
  • I am suddenly audited by the tax authorities 
  • My dog is involved in a road accident the day before my departure
  • My replacement at work is ill

What is not covered:

  • I no longer wish to travel and prefer to stay at home where it’s cozy 
  • My girlfriend left me and I am too sad to travel alone 
  • I didn’t hear my alarm clock 
  • I rented my holidays dream house without asking my boss if I could take time off, and my boss refuses to allow me to do so
  • My rental’s owner cancels my booking (he has to refund you directly)


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