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Chapka travel Insurance

covid-19.png Covid-19 - What is covered by your policy?


What is covered :

  • Cancellation due to infection by Covid-19 before departure upon medical proof (positive test results mandatory).
  • Cancellation if a family member is hospitalized or deceased due to Covid-19.
  • Cancellation due to medical quarantine before departure upon medical proof (positive test results mandatory).
  • Medical and hospitalization costs (including PCR tests) if you are infected with Covid-19 at destination and medical repatriation if recommended by the medical assistance.
  • Extension of stay on-site if you are ill due to Covid-19 at destination.
  • Early return if a family member in your home country is hospitalized or deceased due to Covid-19.
  • Trip interruption expenses due to infection of Covid-19 within the terms of the policy.


What is not covered : 

    • Cancellation due to lockdowns requested by my government, authorities, or without medical justifications.

    • Cancellation due to closed borders/airports at the departure and destination.

    • Cancellation because a quarantine is imposed at destination.

    • Cancellation because my destination is impacted by Covid-19 and I am afraid to get infected or be imposed a quarantine.

    • Cancellation due to a Covid-19 quarantine when my test results are negative. 

    • Quarantine at destination.

    • Trip interruption if my destination or holiday location (hotel, resorts…) are on lockdown or a declared state of emergency.

    • Medical repatriation because I am blocked at my destination because of a generalized lockdown (closure of borders, airports, lack of transportation…). 
    • The cost of the mandatory PCR test in order to get to your holiday destination




The insurance certificate sent to you automatically once you have subscribed mentions the coverage of Covid-19 (in the limits of your contract)