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Can I get the reimbursement on a foreign bank account?

You had an incident during your stay and you would like to receive the reimbursement on your foreign bank account: it's possible!

Please send us your bank details, including the BIC or SWIFT code. We need this code in order to do the money transfer.

What is the Bic or Swift code?

BIC code or SWIFT code are the same:

  • BIC is the acronym for Bank Identification Code

The BIC code indicates a bank, an agency of a banking network.

Where can I find this code?

You can find this code on any official bank document. If not, contact your bank agency.

The BIC is usually represented by letters and numbers, 11 characters max. For example: MIDLGB52

  • The first 4 characters mean the bank: MILD
  • The 2 following characters indicates the country: GB from Great Britain
  • The last 2 characters are the branch identifier: 52

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