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Chapka travel Insurance


  • To humanitarian association volunteers who are sent on an assignment anywhere in the world (except countries at war)
  • To young people who go overseas as volunteers through an accredited association, International solidarity volunteer
  • Young people who go overseas on a VIA or VIE contract (International volunteer work experience in the public or private sector)
  • Young people who go overseas through a United Nations Volunteer assignment
  • Young people who go on an International Solidarity Leave

Each insured person must have an assignment contract from his/her humanitarian association or a volunteer visa. The insured cannot receive a wage, they are volunteers (except for Volunteers whose allowance cannot exceed €800 per month).

Very important: the insured must be and remain a resident of France or Europe for tax purposes (it is impossible to cover Canadians or Chinese for example, for protectionism reasons)


This answer only relates to: Cap Volunteering.